First there was the home theater surround sound to help users feel as though they were at the movies and now there are home theater chairs to further enhance the home movie experience. There are already commercial versions of the Tremor FX theater chairs at select high-tech theaters across the country, but the team at RedSeat Entertainment have adapted the algorithm of the technology to specifically work within the home.

Home Theater Chairs Help Users To Really ‘Feel’ The Action

Taking Home Entertainment To The Next Level

Tremor FX home edition will work in sync with the soundtrack to a game or movie and send pulses and vibrations through the chair actuators via wireless transmitters so that every vibration in the game or movie is transmitted to the chair in order for the user to really feel the action. Action movies, first person shoot ‘em up games and countless other forms of entertainment will be a complete experience for the users of the Tremor FX home theatre chairs. The chairs technology can be integrated easily into home cinema systems via HDMI and the wireless box takes up minimal.

The chairs are definitely high tech but the creators assure people that they are simple to install. There are even talks about sharing details with game developers in order to further enhance the synchronization between the chairs and the game to fully immerse the player in the action of the game.

Home Theater Chairs Help Users To Really ‘Feel’ The Action

Available Now

The chairs are available to buy now, though they’re not the cheapest chairs in the world and it’s thought that for a set of 4 home theater chairs, consumers will have to put aside at least $20,000. People got their first glimpse of the chairs at the 2013 CEDIA EXPO in Denver, Colorado on September 26 -28. Although this might price a lot of people out of the running, there’s every possibility that now the technology is out there, more affordable options will come along a little way down the road.

[Image via CDGi]