Evernote is arguably the best note-taking app you can find in the market today. For people with memory issues – whether short-term of long-term – Evernote makes it easy to remember everything. Whether you prefer using your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone, Evernote can help you keep tabs of things you need to remember. It’s much like the old school Post-it, if you think about it.
Post-it and Evernote
Back in the day, it was not uncommon to see desks and computers littered with Post-it notes – reminders to self and reminders from colleagues all included. Post-it even made it to digital form with Post-it Digital Notes, which just goes to show the lasting value of the brand.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think that Post-it and Evernote partnering up is but logical.

Evernote is the favorite note-taking app (and then some), and Post-it is a household name (at least in paper notes). Put them together, and you just might have something going for you.

That’s what the guys of Post-it and Evernote thought, apparently, and in a blog post last week, Evernote made the announcement, citing the fact that they are giving Post-it “a digital life and a whole new set of tricks”.

One trick that really caught my eye is the Post-it® Note Camera in Evernote for iOS 7. This is indeed like magic, because this is how it works: “The camera lets you take multiple photos of Post-it® Notes in a single session. Evernote then recognizes the color, extracts the handwriting, enhances it and finally places it onto a digital representation of the paper inside a note.”

There’s also the fact that you can assign colors to specific notebooks or tags.

Post-it and Evernote

That’s not all! Post-it and Evernote are bringing the real world and the virtual together with the new desktop dispensers the two companies have co-designed. They’re simple, but the goal is to organize your Post-its by color, extending the organizational scheme you have in the app. I think it’s a pretty nifty way of combining different elements, don’t you?

Will this partnership between Post-it and Evernote convince you to use the app (if you aren’t already)?

[Images via Evernote Blog]