In the age where everything can be written electronically, there’s so little need for real pens and pencils. However, Suck UK turned this notion around by producing a set of special pens called the Sketch Stylus. This item may look like your typical graphite pencil. The standard HB lead is perfect for doodling or for jotting down notes. However, don’t put a limit to what it can do; this can also work as a fitting stylus for your smart phone or tablet.


From the same maker who has created the Yellow Touch Screen Stylus Pencil comes another quirky innovation for consumers who loves drawing on their tablets but avoids the use of their fingers. The Sketch Stylus is an easy-to-grip pen that gives the user the capability of maximizing their touch screens. The traditional wood pencil shape presents comfort and accuracy, even when used for long periods. Signing, writing and drawing is made easy with a real pencil at hand.

Sketch Stylus: For Paper And Tablet

The Suck UK brand is known for creating odd but useful accessories made to put some fun into daily digital living. Sketch Stylus is created with a built-in stylus in the form of its eraser. The electro conductive rubber is attached at the end of the pencil so you can use the other half for electronic purposes. This makes drawing in apps easier; you can now beat your friends at Draw Something with a real pen.


Gone are the days when you have to choose between analog and digital. With the Sketch Stylus, you can have fun with both worlds. Flip up your phone for a cool drawing session or take some piece of paper for a real hand-drawn art. Either ways, this handy stylus is perfect to keep you company. The Sketch Stylus works perfectly on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and other devices.

[Images via design-milk]