Flying is stressful enough without stringent limitations on when, where, and how often you can use your personal electronic devices. Who reading this hasn’t been in the middle of a good book on your Kindle only to have to power it down because your airplane was about to take off? Or, who hasn’t been in the middle of a favorite song only to have to put away the iPod simply because the plane is landing? Sometimes, in-flight rules can be such a mood dampener. The last thing someone who just barely made their flight wants is an announcement telling them to turn off all of their electronics. Over the past decade, FAA rules have more than likely ruffled someone’s feathers on most every flight. Thankfully, though, those rules could all be changing in the very near future.

FAA To Allow Electronics During Entire Flight

Soon, We Will All Be Able To Have More Enjoyable Flights

The FAA has recently decided to rethink their policies regarding personal electronic devices during take-off and landing, and I for one am all for it. As someone who really does not enjoy flying all that much, I find that music and books help to straighten out my already frazzled nerves. The FAA states that passengers will be able to use all of their electronics during the entire flight and that limitations would be rare.

Of course, it is still up to the individual airlines how they will exactly enact these new policy changes, but Delta and JetBlue are already on board with the changes. The FAA expects most airlines to make these changes before the end of 2013. Even though you can use most all of your electronics, it is still encouraged that you make sure they’re in Airplane Mode for the duration of the flight to prevent any signals getting crossed or anything like that.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Should it have been done a long time ago?

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