There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that drinking water from disposable plastic bottles is becoming more and more the norm, especially in the USA. Disposable water bottles are cheap, convenient, and they don’t take up a lot of room – unless you’re talking about the room the water bottles take up at a landfill. According to SafeBottles, 1500 plastic bottles find their way to landfills and oceans every second of the day. In case your math skills are as rusty as mine (I had to use the calculator), that is a whopping 90,000 bottles a minute! I’m afraid to calculate how many that adds up to in an entire day. Thank goodness for reusable water bottles. However, not all the water you pour into your reusable bottle is of the best quality or from the best location. Thanks to the Vapur ShakeFilter, though, people might just start using less disposable water bottles in favor of the reusable bottle variety.

Filter Your Reusable Water Bottle With A ShakeFilter

A New Way To Filter Your Water

The ShakeFilter looks much like a tea bag, and works much the same way too. You simply take out a filter, put it in your water bottle, shake it a few times, and then enjoy your water. Where the ShakeFilter differs from a normal tea bag, though, is the fact that you can use each one of them up to 50 times before it has to be thrown out. According to its website, The ShakeFilter filters out chlorine as well as other agents that affect the smell and taste of the water.

The cost of the product might just be the best news of all. You can purchase a kit of 3 ShakeFilters for $4.99 from the website. That means for under $5 you can treat up to 150 reusable water bottles. That’s less than it costs to buy 50 disposable plastic water bottles.

[Image via Vapur]