This might just be the most awesome news you read today. Be warned, though; after reading this you just might want to board a plane and head to the Golden Gate City to help out. Meet Miles – an energetic 5 year old who loves superheroes, especially Batman. As a 5 year old, Miles has already been in a lot of battles – but instead of going after organized crime, he is fighting leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation got in touch with Miles and his wish was anything but small scale. He wished that he could be a superhero.

Make-A-Wish Turning San Francisco into Gotham City On 11/15

The Big Day

You’ve got to give the folks at Make-A-Wish some major credit, because they are granting Miles’ wish. On November 15th, 2013, they will be transforming part of San Francisco into Gotham City. Just how extensive will this event be for Miles? For starters, he will get to partner with the Dark Knight himself while acting as his partner. Forget Robin, Miles is Batman’s new sidekick and he will be known as “Batkid”.


Batkid (and Batman) will be called on to save a woman trapped in a cable car before they will be needed to thwart a high-profile kidnapping at the hands of The Puzzler. Just who is his unfortunate victim? It’s none other than Lou Reed, the mascot of the San Francisco Giants. The Puzzler will be caught after an exciting car chase, and we can only hope the Batmobile will be involved in the pursuit.  After he saves the day, the chief of police as well as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will give Miles the key to the city as a thank-you for being its protector.

To make this wish a reality, hundreds of volunteers are stepping in to make this day extra special for Miles. If you live near San Francisco (soon to be Gotham City), it’s not too late for you to sign up to help. You can RSVP here. Make-A-Wish is also inviting whoever would like to cheer on Miles to join him for his big day and to take pictures and/or video.

And adults, for now, the closest we can get to being the Caped Crusader is through the best selling Arkham games. The newest addition to the lineup is Arkham Origins and it is available now.

In a world often filled with bad news, good news like this proves that there is still hope for this world – as long as Batman and Batkid are here to save the day. Thanks, Make-A-Wish.

[Images via thegeektwins and businessinsider]