It seems like biking is becoming more and more popular these days. With more cyclists on the roads, this brings up a very important safety question – how many bikers actually wear helmets all of the time? Now, we’ve all heard tons of excuses as to why bikers don’t always wear helmets, from them not being comfortable on their heads to some people not thinking them fashionable enough. According to Jeff Woolf, a cyclist from the UK, one of the main reasons most people don’t wear helmets when they’re biking is that they take up too much space. Woolf has a solution to this problem – the Morpher helmet.

Morpher Helmet Saves Space & Lives

What Is A “Morpher” Helmet?

The Morpher helmet is unique in that if goes from full-on bike helmet to virtually flat in a matter of seconds, which makes it a space saver for anyone in any situation. It can go from your head to your bag or case quickly without taking up hardly any of your valuable space. In case anyone is wondering about the quality of The Morpher, it has already passed several UK and European safety tests.

Morpher Helmet Saves Space & Lives

Woolf is currently seeking money to ensure further production of The Morpher helmet through the site Indiegogo. On the site, he describes the bike crash that might’ve taken his life had he not been wearing a helmet. That crash got him thinking about how he could help promote bike safety around the world, and, years later, after he surveyed some of the populace of London came the Morpher helmet. What’s even more interesting is the fact that if the Morpher helmets are successful with cycling, Woolf also hopes they can be used for other sports, such as hockey and snow boarding.

As of this writing, the Morpher helmet has raised $4,310 of their $35,000 U.S. goal. Once they are produced, they will initially be selling for approximately $110. If you contribute a certain amount to their cause now, though, you can get one for around half of that price.

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[SOURCE: Indiegogo]