It seems that Google wants a finger in every technology pie. It has made its intentions clear where robots are concerned and now, according to a report from Bloomberg, the tech giant is also considering designing its own server processors.

Using ARM technologgy, Google hope to better manage the interface between its hardware and software, claims the report. It also states that this potential move by Google, could prove to be a threat to Intel’s current market dominaton, especially seeing as Google is Intel’s fifth largest customer.

server processor

Google hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet but has said: “We are actively engaged in designing the world’s best infrastructure. This includes both hardware design (at all levels) and software design.”

ARM-based chips are used mainly in the mobile sector but AMD has announced that it does plan to implement the ARM architecture within the server market.

Google has shown that it does have some interest in the chip market. In August it joined a group which licenses technology used in data centers, including chips for servers.

It will be interesting to see how this one develops and whether Google will continue to pursue this.

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