Google has informed all HP Chromebook 11 owners to return their chargers, after nine users reported melting and overheating during use.  The product recall affects all HP Chromebook 11 laptops purchased before December 1 2013. HP and Google pulled the laptop from store shelves in mid-November, approximately 1 month after the launch date.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Google has received nine reports of problematic power chargers. One user suffered a small burn, and another reported damage to a pillow after the charger had overheated.

HP Chromebook 11 Charger Recall


People who have purchased the Chromebook 11, should fill out Google’s online form to receive a replacement charger. They will also send a prepaid shipping package for returning the original charger, so it can be disposed of safely and correctly.

In the meantime, users can actually charge their Chromebook 11 with any micro-USB charger, such as those that come with Android powered tablets and smartphones. The down side of this method is recharging the device this way can take longer, especially while the laptop is being used.

Google and HP have not yet resumed sales of the Chromebook 11, but it is expected that the laptop should be back in stores with the replacement charger soon. The laptop is currently listed as “coming soon” on Google’s Website and “no longer available” from Best Buy.

Interesting to note; the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall notice has provided the most substantial look at Chromebook sales figures to date, citing that roughly 145,000 units are subject to the recall. For sales alone, that is not an encouraging figure, but Acer could be having more success with its own Chromebooks, which start at $200. Statistics suggest that Chromebooks haven’t been big sellers, but the NPD Group says they account for more than 20 percent of all sub-$300 laptops sold?

[Image via businessinsider]