Have you ever thrown away a bunch of eggs because you had no idea whether they were still any good or not? That is probably more of a common experience than most people would like to admit. There’s an expiration date on most egg cartons, but who knows how accurate that date really is? After all, not everyone has the same idea as to when it’s time to throw out the bad eggs. Some keep their eggs for 2 weeks at the most, while others try to get them to stretch out for 5 weeks. We should’ve known that it wouldn’t be too long before someone developed a way to keep track of the freshness of our eggs. After all, we have smartphones, smart TV’s, and now we have a smart…egg tray. That’s right – there is now a smart egg tray on the market known as the Egg Minder.

Keep Your Eggs Fresh With The Egg Minder

Just How Does The Egg Minder “Mind” Your Eggs?

The Egg Minder is just like any other egg tray out there, except that it has smart sensors and lights in each of the egg cups. These sensors in theory can tell when an egg is removed and then replaced within the tray. The lights change colors when eggs are about to go bad. For example, when you remove one egg, the next egg about to expire will glow blue alerting you that you should use that egg next.

Like many other “smart” devices, the Egg Minder needs to be paired with a smartphone app, which in this case is known as the Quirky Wink. It is available for updated iOS and Android devices. With the app, you can view a display of the eggs in your fridge along with their expiration dates. Any eggs that are expired will show up in red on the app, letting you know that you should probably pitch them. You can also choose how long you would like the eggs to last depending on your preference. 2 or 5 weeks? It’s completely up to you.

While all of this sounds great, some are finding that the Egg Minder is not as smart as it seems. Sometimes, it even fails to notice when an egg has been used. So much for the smart sensors in the egg cups.

If you’d like to try out the Egg Minder for yourself, you can pick one up for $69.99. Who knows – in the long run, it might help you save a few bucks.

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