Running has become incredibly popular as of late, and it’s not too hard to see why. Recent studies have been done that show running a few times a week can actually serve to increase your lifespan by approximately 5 years. Who knew? And, since running is becoming so popular, it was only a matter of time before someone created a way to help us run safer.

While it’s incredibly easy to walk out the door and go for a run, it’s also really easy to hurt yourself, especially if you’re not used to running and/or are out of shape. That is where smart sneakers enter the race. There’s a smart device for everything anymore it seems, so why not own a pair of smart shoes as well? Unlike some of the “smart” devices out there, though, these smart sneakers seem to have the potential to do some real good for the runner in all of us.

Run Safer With Smart Sneakers

Run Smarter, Not Harder

These smart sneakers, dubbed the Runsafer Project, are fairly unique on the track. While there are undoubtedly many apps out there that measure the progress of your run, there are none I know of that monitor the progress of your feet – until now.

Electronics, sensors, GPS technology, and an accelerometer are built into the soles of each of the shoes. All of these sensors monitor every aspect of your run and then it sends the information to a smartphone app via bluetooth. The app then interprets all of the data and gives you recommendations that actually make sense. It might recommend that you slow down, that you run on a different terrain, or that you just take the day off completely and rest your feet.

Prototypes of the smart sneaker are already in use, and if everything goes according to plan they will be available to buy in 2015.

Are you a runner? Does this seem like something you would use in the future?


[Image via oneherald]