Everybody needs to save money since the recession came upon us.  The need to look into savings in all aspects of our lives is essential if we are to gain some ground against the financial mess we currently find ourselves in.  So it comes as no surprise that those clever people over at the price comparison site, comparethemarket.com have just launched Snapt, an iOS app that promises to cut our energy bills by doing all the hard work for us!  Can’t be bad then?

If we are to compare energy prices ourselves and spend hours of time choosing the best rates and choosing the right provider, by the end of it all we may find ourselves making a cup of tea and going to bed early with a monster headache! As no doubt you would agree, trawling through endless websites can be a painstaking process.  This is where Snapt comes into play, as it will do all the difficult bits for you.

Cut Your Energy Bills With Snapt

The iOS app asks you to take a picture of your energy bill so comparethemarket.com can find the best energy tariff for you, within just 10 minutes!

Benjamin Braun, Head of Customer Experience at comparethemarket.com said, “84% of households aren’t changing their energy supplier as they feel the process is too time consuming and confusing. Snapt will make it as easy as possible for people to see how much they can save.”

The comparison service is well known for its successful marketing campaigns featuring Aleksandr the Meerkat. With this service they will pinpoint your cheapest local alternative to your current provider.  The Snapt app boasts the potential to save the UK over £9.2bn on their energy bills.  Which is a massive saving and due to the fact that recent figures from the Office of National Statistics show that household energy expenditure has increased by over 84.5% in just over the last 10 years, the app could definitely prove practical.

Snapt is available now and free to download at the App Store.  So go on, have a go and maybe you could save some money?

[Image via coolsmartphone]

SOURCE: http://www.t3.com/news/comparethemarket-com-launches-snapt-app-to-help-save-energy-bills