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Android and iOS smartphone users warned about ‘Exodus’ malware
Technological advancements are being made every day. Unfortunately, with every step forward there seems to be greater dangers out there in the tech world. The latest comes in the form of ‘Exodus’ malware, targeting Android and iOS users. It has been reported that this type of cyberattack can steal... Read more
Apple Live Event: How Did They Improve The iPhone?
Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones at the annual Apple Event CEO Tim Cook took the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday to share a few innovations from the Cupertino tech company, and the iPhone got its own special segment. After expounding on the great features... Read more
Apple Live Event: Next Gen Apple Watch S4 Is a Lifesaver
Apple has revealed the next generation Apple Watch S4, and here’s what you need to know On Wednesday, Apple kicked off a highly-anticipated live event from Steve Jobs Theater at its Cupertino headquarters. The Mission: Impossible theme, plenty of humorous throwaways, and a running agent, complete with furniture hurdles... Read more
EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 for iPhone: Simple, Effective, Intuitive, Free
Effortlessly transfer photos, music, videos and more from your computer to your iPhone or iPad with EaseUS MobiMover Free. EaseUS MobiMover Free is a professional iPhone manager, that also doubles as a data transfer tool giving allowing you to export photos, music, videos, contacts, notes and Safari bookmarks, with... Read more
MoboPlay added to FileHippo
The all-in-one Android and iOS manager. MoboPlay for PC has been added to FileHippo’s massive range of great free software. This powerful multi-file manager makes it easier than ever to manage your devices. You can now freely backup, restore, and manage your files, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, music, and images... Read more
Blackberry To Stop Making Phones
Blackberry, once the market leader when it came to business mobile phone solutions has announced it will stop designing and manufacturing smartphones. The company has struggled to compete with smartphone competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android based solution. The Blackberry phone will most probably be remembered for its... Read more
Apple Issues Patch For Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Apple has issued a warning to its customer base, urging them to update their devices’ iOS to include a new patch that stops three recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. For most of us, that probably amounts to blocking someone from infiltrating our Facebook accounts, but the reality of the flaws... Read more
WhatsApp For Desktop. Better Than The Phone Version?
Last week I spent some time testing the new version of WhatsApp for desktop, and was pleasantly surprised by just how well it works. If you already use WhatsApp on your phone, or via the WebApp extension for either iOS or Windows, it’s pretty much more of the same.... Read more
Apple To Reveal New OS Info On June 13th
Apple is set to reveal the newest version of iOS and possibly also a renamed, re-branded and upgraded version of OS X,  the tech giant has revealed. In a nice twist to standard tech company announcements however, the news was unveiled by Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. Whether Apple intentionally... Read more
Apple Refuses Judge’s Order To Unlock Killer’s iPhone
In a highly publicized incident that (at the time) seemed to divide the country on a number of public issues, Syed Rizwan Farook entered a holiday party last December and opened fire, killing fourteen and wounding 21 others; he and his wife (who is also suspected of being part... Read more
Google Paid $1 Billion To Be Apple default iOS Search Engine
Court transcripts leaked to the web last week have revealed that Google allegedly paid Apple $1 billion to become the default search engine of choice for the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser. The figure relates to the amount of money Google handed over in 2014 to gain the... Read more
iOS Glitch Lies About Your Phone’s Dead Battery
What is it with software bugs and our battery life? Can’t we just have unlimited power–not the “take over the world” kind, but at least the “make my phone work” kind? Much like the previous Google Nest announcement that a software bug in the recent December update caused Nest... Read more
Kaspersky Looks Back At Cyber Security Stats For 2015
2015 has been the year that the phrase “Cyber Crime” went mainstream, became cool, and also the year that saw next to exponential growth with everything and anything to do with cybersecurity. That is at least according to Kaspersky in their overall summary for the last 12 months.  The... Read more
Cortana iOS Beta Arrives (For Some People)
So the good news is that the Cortana iOS Beta is here. The bad news is that only 2,000 people get to test it out. Windows Insiders were given the opportunity to sign up for the Cortana iOS Beta via a short survey at the start of November.  The... Read more
Has Microsoft Canned Project Astoria?
Future of Tool That Brings Android Apps to Windows In Doubt Project Astoria, Microsoft’s code name for its Android app porting tool, looks like it might have been kicked into the long grass, with Microsoft shifting its focus to iOS instead. It was only back in April of this... Read more
Official Mozilla Firefox for iOS App Released
Firefox, the 2nd most used web browser in the world has finally become available for Apple iOS devices. As FileHippo reported back in September, the company behind Firefox, Mozilla had been trialing the app exclusively in New Zealand. But it was only 2 years ago that Mozilla rejected the idea of a Firefox browser... Read more
Apple Removes Ad-Blockers That Can ‘Compromise’ Security. Should You Be Concerned?
After all the fanfare and razzmatazz that came with Apple’s decision to allow third party ad-blockers to be installed on iOS devices, Apple has been forced to begin removing some of them due to security concerns. Included in the Ad-Blocker cull was the higly popular, and highly rated Been... Read more
Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more