Sending files. Sharing files. These activities are as common as eating and drinking, and yet it seems that we’re forever engaged in the hunt for the ultimate file-sharing service. There are the usual suspects, such as Dropbox, of course, and for the average person, perhaps the current choices are enough.

For those who make it a point to be at the forefront of things, you probably have heard of Droplr. You might even be using it. But did you hear that the service does not offer free accounts anymore? That’s the natural evolution of things. The more important question is the pricing model.

Droplr Offers Unlimited Online File Storage For $4.99 A Month 

One reason Droplr has gotten traction is that it makes file sharing so simple. This is how it works:

  1. Select a file on your computer.
  2. Upload the file to Droplr, after which you’ll get a link to access the file.
  3. Share the link.

I think that even my mom would not find any issues with this process. (I’ve been proven wrong a couple of times in this regard, though…)

So what makes Droplr attractive even without free accounts (note: there is still a free trial!)

Droplr Pricing

As you can see in the chart, even the cheapest package – at $4.99 per month – you have unlimited drops. Additionally, the file size limit is just as high as the more expensive packages. There are, of course, perks to paying for the more expensive packages, including enhanced security and customization. For the average individual user, though, the LITE package is more than enough!

If you have been a Droplr user before these changes, you are entitled to a 30 percent discount. This is available for a limited time only, so you might want to go get that package now.

“No folders, no syncing, no waiting. Just the easiest way to send files—both big and small—from A to B. Simple, secure, and fast.” Yep, Droplr just might become an indispensible tool.

[Images via Droplr]