Have you ever travelled through the Channel Tunnel and lost signal just as you were having an important conversation?  Losing signal in the Channel Tunnel will soon be a thing of the past.  Starting in March, EE and Vodafone, in partnership with Eurotunnel, will supply 2G and 3G mobile service in the Chunnel’s North Tunnel (U.K. to France).

Both companies are planning to issue 4G data service  to anyone using the Chunnel in the near future as part of a 10 year agreement.  However, while waiting for this new and exciting endeavour, travellers using the Chunnel now, will be able to use mobile devices while travelling to and from France.  This means phone calls, Facebook updating etc will be unaffected by travelling under the Channel and will be just as easy to do as it was above ground.

Chunnel 4G

It is just over 31 miles from Kent, England, to Pas-de-Calais, France.  The tunnel connects the two countries allowing cars, and high speed trains to travel in practically no time at all.  “Providing such a wireless service 100 meters (328 feet) below sea level for the 20 million passengers who travel through the world’s longest undersea tunnel each year is a first,” announced Eurotunnel in a news release.  They were able to amalgamate the new connectivity service without actually disturbing railway traffic.

Two years ago, Eurotunnel began offering service for any customer using French carriers Bouygues Telecom, Orange, and SFR within the South Tunnel. This occurred because of a  2010 deal made just before the London Olympics. Although the deal was to include service for U.K. providers, there were technical issues ensuing.

[Image via therailengineer]

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