What parent hasn’t been at the grocery store when their child decided it was time for a meltdown? As parents, we’ve pretty much all been there. Everything’s going fine, and then out of nowhere, pure and utter chaos erupts from your 2 year old (or even 10 year old) child. Every person in the store turns in your direction wondering if your child has suddenly become possessed by some outside force. If they aren’t already restrained by the seat belt in the cart, they might even start to flail around on the floor like a drowning fish. And, whatever you try to do to calm them down does not work in the least. So, you pick them up, leave the groceries where they are, and head for the door at record speed, vowing never to show your face in that store again. Really, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because we have all been there. At one time or another, we’ve been the ones pushing the cart and the ones throwing a fit on the floor.

Why do kids sometimes decide to throw fits in the store? Because they’re bored! (They’re also broke and can’t buy anything, so that’s depressing in and of itself). Meet the new shopping cart that makes it fun for kids to shop with Mom and Dad.

FunCarts Entertain Your Kids While You Shop

Say Hello To The FunCart!

The FunCart is currently seeking out funding through Kickstarter. It is a revolutionary new shopping cart designed to keep your kids entertained while you walk throughout the store finding everything you need. While you shop, the FunCart allows your kids to watch educational shows and listen to kid’s music all from the comfort of their own seat. All of this content is streamed via wi-fi from the store to the cart and requires no hassle from parents.

Some parents may think the FunCart is a ridiculous waste of time and money and that their kids should just learn to “sit and be good” in the store, but children should also get to be children every once in a while, especially during long shopping trips with their parents.

What do you think? Would you use the FunCart if it was available for your children?

[Image via aisleworx]

SOURCE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/59062745/funcarts-electronic-shopping-carts-that-make-shopp