Fitbit is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fitness trackers. They have sleek designs and reasonable prices, and they do track sleep and fitness activities quite well. While the niche is getting rather crowded, Fitbit has been able to hold the attention of its users and gain even more followers with each new release. Not everything is going great for the brand, though, as some users have been reporting issues with the Fitbit Force.


The Fitbit Force is the most advanced fitness tracker in the brand’s line, which is essentially a wireless activity and sleep tracker. The wristband takes into account steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, as well as sleep patterns. Costing $129.95, Fitbit Force is probably one of the most stylish fitness trackers in the market – although that largely rests on personal preferences as well.

In any case, the Internet has done its thing again, with Fitbit Force users taking to social media and forums to report rashes and skin irritation problems associated with wearing the fitness tracker. Global News recently shared reports of these health issues, even showing photos.

Fitbit Rash

I don’t know about you, but while that rash may not look serious, it probably is ultra annoying! And, considering people have paid more than a hundred dollars for the device, getting a rash because of it is not called for!

The good news is that Fitbit has gotten wind of the issues, and they have responded appropriately. According to a company spokesperson, they have indeed received reports, albeit from a “very limited number of Fitbit Force users”. Still, they have taken a look into the matter and have even pinpointed a probable cause: allergic reactions to nickel, which is a component of surgical-grade steel, which is used in the fitness tracker.

Going one step further, Fitbit has announced to its users that if they start exhibiting such reactions, they should get in touch with the company via and, obviously, stop wearing the device. For these users, a refund or (different) product replacement is also being offered.

While I’m not a user – so have not been affected – good on you, Fitbit!

[Images via Fitbit and Global News]