It’s a sad fact that anytime you get a ton of people all together in one place anymore it becomes a target for terrorists. If you have a hard time accepting this fact, just think back to the Boston Marathon bombing. It is no different this year for the Super Bowl. In fact, those in charge of football’s biggest game have already started doing everything they can to prevent any kind of terrorism. If that wasn’t a hard enough job during any Super Bowl, it might be doubly difficult this year as the game is being played in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey – which means New York City and New Jersey are going to be under a tight watch.

How The Super Bowl Plans To Combat Terrorism

The Police are doing everything they can to be proactive before the game starts, though. Mid-Manhattan is already surrounded by upwards of 6,000 security cameras on any normal day, and they are in the process of adding hundreds of temporary cameras before the Super Bowl festivities begin. In case you’re wondering, these aren’t just the normal everyday cameras that you see in retail stores – these cameras have special software embedded inside them that allows any suspicious activity to be detected and reported.

That’s A Whole Lot Of People To Watch

On top of all of the extra security cameras keeping an eye on things, there will also be security in the air, on the rooftops, and obviously in the crowds. There will be uniformed and undercover officers all over the place, as well as bomb-sniffing dogs and hazmat teams. As this is the first time in history for 2 cities to host the game, the Police don’t want to take any chances or leave any stone left unturned. Indeed, it seems much better for them to go overboard in security at least for the time surrounding the Super Bowl.

How The Super Bowl Plans To Combat Terrorism

While it may be a pain to have all the extra security around, it also undoubtedly helps to maintain everyone’s peace of mind.

Go Broncos!

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