It was in 1983 that Steve Jobs gave a talk on the future of technology at the Aspen International Design Conference. As part of his presentation he used a Lisa mouse, which was one of the first types of computer mouse to be sold commercially. Following the discourse those in attendance were asked to give items for the Aspen Time Tube, a time capsule that would be buried in an Aspen field. Jobs donated the Lisa mouse.

Lisa Mouse

The plan was to dig up the time capsule in the year 2000, however due to a landscaping project, the exact location of the capsule was lost. Finally, thanks to a reality show from National Geographic called Diggers, the container that has now become known as the Steve Jobs capsule, has been discovered.

The show is due to air on February 25th but the capsule was actually dug up in September 2013. When searching through their find, the team found the mouse as well as a six pack of the then popular beer Ballantine.

For any fan of technology or history, this will certainly be an interesting episode and for once you won’t need to worry whether the whole thing was a hoax.

[Image via Hotdigitalnews]