Health and fitness is no doubt one of the most profitable niches today, and no serious tech player will allow itself to be left behind. In spite of all the struggles that Microsoft has been facing since what it seems like forever, it has a foot in the health and fitness scene. Last year, it launched the Bing Health and Fitness app on Windows 8.1, which was touted as a “one-stop spot for a healthier you”. Unfortunately, it is region-restricted, so if you’re unlucky you won’t get to see it.

Now, Windows Phone 8 users also have access to the Bing Health and Fitness app. This move is actually a significant one, since the app is the last of the Windows 8.1 apps to be made available on the Windows Phone Store.

Bing Health & Fitness App Available On Windows Phone

Hooray for Windows Phone 8 users who are fitness enthusiasts!

What’s in store for you if you download the Bing Health and Fitness app?

Just like most other health and fitness apps out there, you’ll have access to various trackers that can help you monitor your health and fitness activities. These include a diet tracker and a cardio tracker, as well as sections featuring fitness, nutrition, medical, and news.

There is also a GPS tracker, which is but a requirement for fitness apps these days. The app also has functionalities such as setting goals – calorie intake, for example. This means you can keep a record of everything you put in your mouth. In order to be as accurate as possible, the app links to a database which contains nutritional information for more than 300,000 food items. I suppose that covers pretty much what you eat…

Oh, additionally, the app syncs data over devices.

For now, the Bing Health and Fitness app is still in Beta, but from what we hear, it will come pre-installed on the new Windows Phone, which should arrive in April.

[Image via Microsoft News]