I’ve never been a fish, obviously, so I’m not really an authority on their quality of life. (I did own a Beta fish once, though). But it seems to me that the life of a fish, especially the life of a fish in a fishbowl, would be all kinds of boring. Imagine it for a second – all you do is swim around in the same tiny area, day after day, and the only time you really alternate your swim pattern is when someone drops some food flakes into the water. I could be totally off base here, and life as a fish could be the best thing in the world, but let’s pretend just for a minute that I’m correct in my assumption.

Some creative minds hailing from the Netherlands, out of Studio diip, designed and created something that might make the life of a fish an infinite amount more exciting. They are calling their creation Fish on Wheels, and it basically turns what would be an ordinary fishbowl into something related to a remote controlled car. Have a look for yourself below.

Fish On Wheels Turns Your Fishbowl into Remote Control Car

Say Goodbye To Fish Boredom!

Fish On Wheels appears to be a pretty novel concept. As you can see in the picture above, a “normal” fishbowl is placed on top of a motorized wheeled platform. What you can’t really see in the photo is the attached webcam that continually tracks the movement of the fish. Wherever the fish goes – you guessed it – the fishbowl also goes. So, while the fish is still swimming in the same bowl every day, it can at least get to see some new scenery around the house instead of constantly sitting on the boring tabletop.

I have to ask – what happens if it runs into something a little too hard and a tidal wave causes the fish to go flying out of the bowl? I would also hope that fish don’t succumb to motion sickness.

Regardless, though, if you want to give your fish the royal treatment, you might want to think about checking into the Fish On Wheels.

[Image via Dettube]

SOURCE: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/fish-on-wheels-lets-your-goldfish-swim-itself-around-76224633949.html