If you search the internet for more than 2 minutes, you’ll find that someone has started a petition regarding just about anything. It seems the popular petition in the news these days is one regarding Baby singer Justin Bieber. I should also add that if you search the internet for less than 2 minutes, you are almost guaranteed to read something regarding the Biebs. For someone so young, not everyone loves Justin Bieber, though, and this is especially true in the United States. Who doesn’t love him, you ask? Well, his Los Angeles neighbor, for one, who is in the process of suing him for allegedly egging his house and causing upwards of $20,000 worth of damages.

So many people, in fact, are so sick and tired of Justin Bieber that they have petitioned the White House with an online petition to do something about it. Just what do they want the President and Co. to do? For starters, they’d like the singer to be deported back to Canada.

Government To Decide If Justin Bieber Will Be Deported

In case you weren’t aware, Justin Bieber isn’t from the United States. He actually hails from Canada, and that’s exactly where his naysayers would like to see him sent packing back to. The online petition currently has over 220,000 signatures.

But does he really deserve it? While I fully and freely admit I am in no shape or form a “Belieber”, I also understand that young people do incredibly stupid things sometimes. And young people who have been in the media’s eye since before they ever heard of puberty do even dumber things. (Or, do we just think they’re dumber because the media makes such a big deal about them?) Trust me – if everyone’s stupid decisions from when they were young were plastered all over the tabloids, Justin Bieber wouldn’t be the only one people would want to deport somewhere else.

Government To Decide if Justin Bieber Will Be Deported

Now, all that’s not to say that Bieber doesn’t bear any responsibility for his actions, because he bears a great deal. For some reason, all kinds of kids look up to him and he owes it to all of them to get his act together and make something of his life that can positively impact others.

Do you think people should be able to petition whether or not someone gets to stay in the country?

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SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57618180-71/white-house-to-rule-soon-on-petition-to-deport-justin-bieber/