Casual gaming is often called a waste of time, but in this instance it may not be. If you play this sci-fi shooter you can assist scientists with their research into cancer! Play to Cure–Genes in Space sits you squarely in the cockpit of a spacecraft, flying through asteroid fields (I know what you are thinking; “the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one”).

Play To Cure

With all Star Wars quotes set-aside for the moment, the game is based around genetic cancer data and you have to collect as much “Element Alpha” as you are able.  By playing this game, you are helping to examine genetic data, speeding up the process of identifying faults in the data and thus helping to advance cancer research. Not a bad “waste of time” for a few minutes’ of casual gaming.

The game itself is standard; you are given a map showing concentrated pockets of Element Alpha and you plot a route between the densest collected pockets of this space dust. Then all you have to do is get in your spaceship and off you go, attempting to follow the course you have mapped, flying between the waypoints and blasting the asteroids.

On order to advance to the next level, you need to collect as much Element Alpha as you can, as your advancement is based on how much Element Alpha you have collected; between missions you can sell your cargo to upgrade your spacecraft.

Genes in Space is a fine shoot-‘em-up.  You can relax and ‘get your game on’ to your hearts content, as you know you are accomplishing more than wasting time.  You are doing something far more productive instead; helping battle Cancer.  Play to Cure – Genes in Space is free to download for iOS devices at the App Store and for all you Android  gamers out there head over to the Google Play Store.

[Image via appshopper]