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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game released today
Ever since news was released about the new Harry Potter mobile game, millions of muggles have been wishing they could simply shout ‘Accio’ and conjure up a time-turner. The wait is now over though, as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is released today. The augmented reality mobile game, themed after... Read more
Gamers rejoice as E3 2019 kicks off in LA
One of the world’s biggest gaming conferences kicked off in style yesterday. Don’t worry, there’s still time to get a piece of the action
 E3 2019, which takes place in Los Angeles, brings the biggest names in the gaming industry together. While at the event, the wide array of... Read more
Here’s what we know about Stadia – Google’s new game streaming platform
The online gaming world has been reacting to the much-anticipated reveal of Google’s new streaming service. There was rumour and intrigue, but on Tuesday March 19 Google finally unveiled Stadia – ‘a new way to play’. Essentially, Stadia will allow gamers to play across multiple devices. It’s hoped that... Read more
Fortnite tops 2018 gaming charts – are you surprised?
We all knew that Fortnite was popular, but a new report has proven its true worth to the computer gaming industry. Smashing all records, it topped the charts ahead of other huge gaming sensations. Fortnite also made A LOT of money; around $2.4 billion was amassed, according to SuperData’s... Read more
Fortnite in Legal Dance-Off
Three dancers sue Fortnite over dance moves and emotes. In case you hadn’t heard, Fortnite is now the most popular and successful free-to-play console title of all time. This success means Fortnite is earning record revenues and currently boasts over 200 million players across the globe. But now Fortnite... Read more
Esports “Killer Games Are Too Violent” For Olympics 
Esports are a big business, but don’t expect to see them in the Olympics anytime soon… The president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, has said that violent ‘esport’ video games are not consistent with ‘Olympic values’ and cannot therefore be considered for future Olympic Games. Speaking at the recent Asian Games, Bach said “If you have egames where it’s about killing... Read more
Sony Closes PlayStation 2 Repair Service…After 18 Years. 
Starting on September 7th, 2018, Sony’s aftercare service for the PlayStation 2 will be no more. That such a service still exists for a console originally released in the year 2000, is testament to the fact that the ‘PS2’ has the record for the world’s bestselling gaming console of all time.... Read more
Steam Removes School Shooting Video Game
Russian-developed intense shooter game removed from Steam following online petition and social media outrage. Never overlook the power of consumers to spark outrage and enact change. Recently, actress Roseanne Barr’s reboot of her original self-titled television show was cancelled by its network, ABC, due to racist remarks the actress... Read more
Video Game Hall Of Fame 2018 Nominations Revealed
Public vote features for first time. The finalists for this year’s entry into the Video Game Hall of Fame, by ‘The Strong’ Museum in Rochester, New York, have been announced, and in a change from previous years, the museum has included one game for the hall of fame, based... Read more
Gaming Addiction To Be Official Disorder 
Video Game addiction is to be officially recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an actual disorder for the first time.  The term “Gaming disorder” will make its debut appearance in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) later this year.  “Hazardous gaming” and “gaming disorder…due to substance... Read more
Google’s AlphaZero AI Beats World’s Best Chess Software
AlphaZero artificial intelligence software triumphed at chess against the world’s best chess program after amassing all human knowledge of the game in just four hours. Google researchers have published a paper in which they detail how their latest AI evolution, AlphaZero, managed to display a “superhuman performance” in chess, taking just four hours to learn... Read more
Bitcoin Runs Out Of Steam On Steam
PC game and software platform Steam, stops accepting payments in bitcoins blaming price fluctuations and rapid volatility of transactions fees. Steam, the world’s single largest digital distribution platform for PC games and software, has announced that it is no longer accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. In a blog... Read more
US Navy To Use Xbox Controllers To Operate Submarines
Legacy Microsoft controllers to operate periscopes aboard next gen subs. The U.S. Navy has revealed that after an extensive two year training program, it has officially adopted last generation legacy Xbox 360 controllers to operate the periscopes aboard its next generation submarines. The idea that the submarines would even... Read more
Microsoft Reveals New Xbox One X Console
New console the most powerful – and most expensive – in the world. Microsoft has unveiled its latest games console, imaginatively titled, the Xbox One X, ahead of this year’s E3 2017 event.  Previously known under the name “Project Scorpio,” news of the Xbox One X was first confirmed... Read more
Google’s AlphaGo Retires From Beating Human Players
AI bows-out after comprehensively defeating the world’s greatest human Go players. The AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence developed by Alphabet (Google) owned DeepMind, beat Chinese grand-master Ke Jie 3 games to 0 at the Future of Go Summit in the Wuhzen province of China earlier this month. Ke Jie was merely the... Read more
Ford Ups Its Infotainment Game With Android Auto And CarPlay
Android Auto works off the drivers’ own Android device.  As cars become more and more high-tech, automakers are competing to entice drivers with new features and convenience measures. Following Audi’s recent concept demonstration of its in-car Android integration at the Google I/O event, Ford has announced its own Android-based... Read more
Donkey Kong And Street Fighter 2 Join World Video Game Hall Of Fame
Classic titles joined by Halo Combat Evolved and PokĂ©mon Red and Green newest inductees for 2017. The winners were selected from a final panel of 12 originally selected in March of this year. While only established in 2015, the Video Game Hall of Fame’s annual awards, based in New York, has quickly risen to... Read more
2.5million PlayStation And Xbox Forum Accounts Breached
Microsoft and Sony gamer accounts hacked via ISO forums. Data breaches and hacking events are a record-setting, multi-billion-dollar annual headache for companies of every size and industry. In fact, the Identity Theft Resource Center has only discovered one year in the past ten or so in which the number of data... Read more