Many people are focussing on the smartphone and tablet manufactures at MWC 2014. Other firms are there to present their technology, which actually powers those latest, must have gadgets. One such company, that is always a smart move to keep an eye on, is Intel–and they rarely disappoint people. This year they have come, packing some new and innovative processors.  Intel has just announced two new Atom processors: the Merrifield and the Moorefield.

The 64-bit Atom Z3480, codename ‘Merrifield’, is a dual-core chip running at 2.13GHz. Using Intel’s 22nm Silvermont architecture, the processor includes an Intel XMM 7160 LTE chip and a PowerVR Series 6 graphics core. Z3480 equipped devices should start shipping during the second quarter, Intel has said.

Intel New Chips Announced

Later on in 2014, the ‘Moorefield’ chip will be available; bringing with it, Intel’s 64-bit Atom processors to quad-core architecture at a proclaimed speed of 2.3GHz.  Also, the Merrifield processor is the same as the Moorefield in that it will support LTE and also come with an enhanced GPU.

Whilst at MWC, Intel also took the opportunity to showcase their XMM 7260 LTE chips, which they claim will support simultaneous 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds. All of the chips Intel are planning to release, promise to have better power management and speed increase.

Also, along with the new chips, Intel announced a partnership with McAfee to help provide protection against the ever present and insidious malware attacks on Android based devices.  The Intel Device Protection Technology (Intel DPT) will give business enterprise users the facility of separating personal and corporate data on Intel-based Android OS devices.

So all in all, a good exhibit from Intel at this event.  Let’s hope the processors perform as expected.

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