The Austin-based company Kenguru, has developed an electric car that has no seats. Designed for use by wheelchair users, the driver enters the car by putting their hands on motorcyle-type handlebars and then rolls straight through the rear hatch of the car and into the driving ‘area’.

The company was originally founded in Hungary and was named Kenguru, which is the Hungarian word for ‘Kangaroo’. This will be the first product to launch for the company as it has finally received venture capital since moving to the U.S.


The vehicle can cover approximately 60 miles on a charge of eight hours and measures 7-feet by 5-feet, making it smaller than a Smart Car. Yet with a top speed of just 25 mph, it is clear that the purpose of the car is short, round-town journeys.


We are still awaiting news on the safety credentials of the car but expect a price tag of $25,000. There will of course be green energy and mobility tax incentives from the government to factor into the cost. It will likely go into production in the next 12 to 18 months.

[Image via Quattroruote & Fast Coexist]