You might have missed it, but yesterday was Safer Internet Day; and with all the security and privacy issues we’ve heard – and maybe experienced – in recent times, it sure is good to know that there is such a thing as Safer Internet Day. This “event” is organized by Insafe and is celebrated every February. The goal is obvious: to spread awareness of safe use of online technology, including mobile phones.

This year’s Safer Internet Day tagline is “Let’s create a better internet together”.

Microsoft Takes Action on Safer Internet Day

Sounds so noble, doesn’t it?

But it’s not just an idea. In fact, major tech players like Microsoft are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in the initiative. This year, Microsoft has gone bare bones with its “Do 1 Thing” campaign.

What’s this “Do 1 Thing” campaign, then?

This: Microsoft asks people to “Do 1 Thing” to stay safer online and to make that one thing part of their daily digital routines.

That is a simple, but effective solution; but what are those things that the average person can do? Here’s a quick list:

  • Lock your devices and online accounts; this includes using strong passwords
  • Save sensitive transactions for secured networks.
  • Take charge of your online reputation; when was the last time you googled yourself? Now, this is no excuse to search for your name daily – or even weekly! – okay?
  • Help protect your social circles; don’t share indiscriminately; be careful with tagging, etc.

Microsoft SID

For more tips and information on online safety, Microsoft even has a dedicated page for “Do 1 Thing“.

Microsoft is not the only company that has stepped up for Safer Internet Day. There’s Twitter, which has partnered up with anti-bullying charities, which I think is great, as we know just how the mob mentality is so prevalent on the platform and how easy it is to bully people on Twitter. More than that, Twitter offers free advertising to some non-profits.

There’s also Google, which highlights privacy tips.

Did you mark Safer Internet Day? I think it’s one of those that’s nice to commemorate but even better to put into practice every single day.

[Images via digitaltrends and Microsoft]