Carphone Warehouse have recently announced that it has partnered up with the South Korean electronics manufacturer to operate retail stores on behalf of Samsung. It has come to light however, that this was not an exclusive deal, because Samsung has later signed a similar deal with mobile phone retailer Phones 4U.  Although details of the deal are scarce, it will apparently include 15 specifically dedicated Samsung stores for the United Kingdom.

The UK maybe covered but on a wider scale, Samsung and Carphone Warehouse will be launching standalone stores, not only in the UK but also in Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.  Only recently, Carphone Warehouse has said that 60 stores would be opening in the next three months and it appears as though Phones 4U is aiming for a comparable timeline with it’s own Samsung stores.

Phones4U To Operate Samsung Stores


Samsung have made a very smart move with these deals. They are eager to increase their high street presence and the company is tapping into the resources of two companies with a proven history in retail marketing. Whilst rivals, Apple are known for spending abundant amounts of time and money, researching the perfect location for each new Apple store, Samsung is opting to use a mixture of existing locations from Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse and some new locations.  These new stores will be much like the selected number of stores Samsung already has up and running around the globe.  They will sell Samsung phones and tablets as well as laptops and other devices, such as wearable tech.

These deals will also give Samsung more of a presence in the physical retail space. Currently, the company is pretty limited in that aspect of its business model, relying mostly on carriers to get its phones into the hands of consumers.

[Image via arstechnica]