The controversial and extreme sport of BASE jumping has been around for a number of decades. Normally participants leaping from either a building, antenna, span or something from Earth like a cliff, use specially designed harness and parachute containers because most jumps are done from less than 2,000 feet.

It would only be natural then that fashion is  the last thing on the minds of these thrill seekers. However the seasoned BASE jumper Roberta Mancino has decided to combine her love of the sport with her love of fashion. Being Italian, it is second nature that she would want to look her best, even when plunging towards the ground at high speeds after leaping from an object.

Roberto Mancino Creates A Base Jumping Fashion Show

Roberta Mancino has been filmed jumping from Italy’s Monte Brento, along with fellow jumpers Giovanni Silvestri, Andrey Karr, Luca Tondelli and Maurizio Di Palma, wearing nothing less than designer clothes from Roberto Cavalli.

Wearing high heels and a sequin dress Mancino looks great and let’s face it if you’re going to leap off the edge of a mountain then you may as well do it in style. Italian style at least!

[Image via Holykaw]