In winter shifting snow is one of those jobs that everyone loves to hate. Come on admit it, you make your kids do it right? Well if you’re son or daughter has got wise to your ploy and no amount of pocket money will induce them to shift that snow off your path, consider this six-wheel-drive remote control robot snow plough.

It is powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors and thanks to its 52-inch wide blade, clearing a snow covered path is a doddle. The best bit; you don’t even have to leave the comfort and warmth of your armchair.

RC Snow Plough

Controlled by a wireless remote, the robot can raise and lower its pneumatic plough blade. It sounds as though its batteries don’t last very long though because there is the option to increase the number of batteries from two to four. As long as you don’t live in a mansion, it shouldn’t be too big a problem.

It’s comes with quite a hefty price tag of $7,900 but just think, when the snow season has finished, you can enter the robot into a Battle Bot competition.

[Image via Superdroid Robots]

SOURCE: Superdroid Robots