We live in a wonderful world, but if we’re being honest, it doesn’t always smell like a wonderful world. Oftentimes, it smells just the opposite. Whether it’s someone at work who forgot to apply their deodorant that morning, or if it’s the popcorn you burnt in the microwave the night before, bad odors have a way of lingering around and putting us in bad moods. After all, who wants to smell something unpleasant all day?

Now I know there are all kinds of air fresheners out there, such as Febreze and what have you, and while great they are, they are also a little bit noticeable. Usually, the last thing you want to do is let your co-worker know that you’re Febreezing them, because that might make things a bit embarrassing for all parties involved. Thankfully, there’s now a product you can attach to your smartphone to chase all those bad smells away – it’s called the Scentee.

Scentee Allows Your Smartphone To Remove Bad Smells

What’s That Smell??? Forget About It!

That little canister you see attached to the smartphone in the picture above contains a unique fragrance (coffee, rosemary, strawberry, rose, or lavender) and is known as the Scentee. All you have to do is push a button on your phone, and it emits a smell sure to brighten your day. And, if you work in an office environment with cubicles, using the Scentee is sure to be less noticeable than spraying an aerosol can of air freshener all day.

The possibilities of Scentee seem endless – you can use it anywhere you take your phone – from the bathroom (if you use yours in the bathroom, of course) to the breakroom to anywhere and everywhere in between.

You can even set the Scentee to an alarm to make sure it always smells good when you wake up.

If you’d like to purchase Scentee, you can visit their website here.

[Image via AboveTopSecret]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/oh-good-this-smartphone-scent-emitter-is-now-available-1514015731