At the Consumer Electronic Show in January, the new up and coming gadget that seemed to get a lot of attention was the Urb-E scooter.  The Urb-E scooter is currently live on crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. In order to get the scooter off the ground, the company is sending down the slipway, two different models to customers.

Firstly, the Urb-E commuter model.  This model has three wheels instead of two which makes it a more smooth and reliable ride. The Urb-E folds up to the size of a rollerboard suitcase and weighs just under 30 pounds.  It is easy to handle and great for city commuters.  Secondly, the Urb-E GP model.  This is a standard scooter, having two wheels allowing it to  make sharper turns.


Both models have the same speed and power specs.  Both reach the top speed of 15mph, and they can last up to 20 miles on a single charge. Also, they are customisable because of inserts that fit within the frame giving the scooter nice accent colours.  The Urb-E also comes with a phone charger compartment.  There is also a Urb-E app that allows you to check the charge of your own personal scooter.

URB-E: The Fold Up Electric Scooter

Grant Delgatti, creator of the scooter, says that Indiegogo felt like a better fit than Kickstarter for this product, as he feels it will be highly appreciated by the Indiegogo populace.

The Urb-E campaign has just started.  Their goal is to raise $150 000 in 40 days. The lowest price point to ensure you get an actual Urb-E is $1,599. Delgatti says that the price will be closer to $1,799 later on.  Shipments are expected to go out at the end of this summer.

Take a look at this new innovative product at indigogo now to see if you can secure your own Urb-E Scooter.

URB-E indiegogo from URB-E on Vimeo.

[Images via fastcoexist]