If you are someone who owns a Windows phone, you have probably noticed by now that the Facebook Messenger app, which is so prevalent on Android and iOS devices, is not available for your device. Don’t misread me – Windows phones do have a version of Facebook Messenger built into their phones, but it can’t do everything that the standalone app can on other phones; it just simply doesn’t have all that many features built into it.

For starters, you can’t send pictures with your messages – and you can’t participate in a group chat. The built-in version of Facebook Messenger also doesn’t include the pop-out “stickers” that you can move around your screen when you’re having multiple conversations with different people. In other words, it’s boring. But not for much longer. If you use a Windows phone, you will soon be able to download the popular Messenger app.

Windows Phones Will Soon Have Access To Facebook Messenger

What Took Them So Long?

Since the Facebook Messenger app has long been available to devices running Android or iOS, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask what took Windows Phones so long to get into the game. Maybe they simply believed that their built-in software was just as good as the separate app – I really don’t know what their overall reasoning was. What I do know is that the app will be available for Windows phones within a few weeks, and this information comes straight out of the mouth of Joe Belfiore from Microsoft.

So soon, Windows phones will be able to do everything other smartphones are able to do, at least when it comes to Facebook Messenger.

Do you use a Windows Phone? If so, what does this announcement mean to you?

[Image via TechCrunch]

SOURCE: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/23/facebook-messenger-coming-to-windows-phone-platform-within-weeks/