Wow. It seems some places in the United States are sticklers when it comes to following the letter of the law. It also seems like some police departments have a little too much time on their hands. You may find yourself agreeing with me as you read on.

A woman living in a South Carolina town recently went to her police station to report some kind of a crime. While the officers were taking down all of her information, they discovered that she had a warrant out for her arrest. When I say that she had a warrant, you might imagine that she was wanted for murder, or grand theft auto, or something heinous like that. But, alas – she had a warrant out for her arrest all because she forgot to return a VHS movie from 9 years back.

Woman Forgot To Return Old VHS Movie And Just Now Got Sent To Jail

What Is This World Coming To?

You might be wondering what movie it was she forgot to return – it was Monster In Law, which starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda – a pretty forgettable title if I might say so myself.

I realize there are late fees and such for a reason, but who can even play a VHS movie anymore? There’s a reason many Blockbusters and video stores of the like are going out of business – people aren’t watching things the same way they used to.

To add even more salt to the wound, the store she rented the movie from isn’t even in business anymore. Yet, the warrant still stands, and the woman (who originally just went to jail to report a crime) had to spend 24 hours in a jail cell as a criminal.

Do you think police should spend their time with 9 year-old missing VHS tapes? I could see it if she had purposely stolen half of their inventory, but the poor woman simply forgot to return it – who here hasn’t done the same thing at one time or another? And, while you’re thinking about it, you’d better go and make sure you don’t have any unreturned movies.

[Image via Veooz]