Apple has launched its new 8GB version of the colourful plastic iPhone 5C. There wasn’t much fuss made of the release and the new model will only be available in a few regions that include Europe and Australia. It is thought this might just be the thing needed to give iPhone 5C sales a bit of a boost.

Priced at £429 or around $400, it is £40 cheaper than its big brother. Although it’s still not ‘cheap’, at least the price tag is heading in the right direction.

iPhone 5C

The 8GB that the phone comes with  soon gets taken up, especially when you consider iOS 7 takes up around 2-3GB. Plus Apple doesn’t give you the option of expandable storage via a microSD, so the 8GB may not go as far as you think.

One bonus is that Apple is throwing in 5GB of free iCloud storage, so at least that gives you room to expand a little.

Apple has not yet announced whether the 8GB iPhone 5C will be hitting the US but I think its most likely it will.

[Image via idownloadblog]