NASA has been working on its spacesuit prototype called the Z-1. The agency unveiled its designs back in 2012 and revealed a suit that didn’t look too dissimilar to the suit worn by Buzz Lightyear. Now, NASA has upgraded its original design to the Z-2 and is calling upon the public to help it finish the look of the outer shell.

NASA Space suit Z-2

‘Trends in Society’

The new Z-2 model sports a new hard composite upper torso, among other design features. There are three shell designs, all unique and rather strange looking. The first, called ‘Biominicry’ is based on a sea-creature, featuring reptilian-like scaly skin, while embedded lights channel the “”bioluminescent qualities” of deep sea fish.

The second design, ‘Trends in Society’, looks more like your everyday, average suit, with a cloth cover. However electroluminescent wire and patches mean it is anything but average.

Finally, ‘Technology’ is all about function, with built in collapsing pleats, which allow for more mobility, and abrasion resistant panels on the torso for increased durability.

There is a website where you can view all three designs and cast your vote. Unfortunately your favourite design will not be seen on the next images received from the International Space Station, as NASA has said that the suits will be used for Earth-based missions like training. Voting is open until April 15.

[Image via NASA]