Facebook has been serving traffic form their data centre, in Luleå, Sweden, for approximately a year now.  The centre has been hailed as one of the greenest facilities on the planet.  Now they plan to construct a second data centre which will be even more eco friendly.

The social networking giant plans to borrow snippets of technology that is currently being used in the automobile industry for the construction phase.  Facebook is hoping to construct a radical new second building in Luleå, Sweden and this brand new structure is set to be the gold standard of production.  It will use both lean and modular construction principles. Facebook are calling it the Rapid Deployment Data Center Concept or RDDC for short.

Facebook New Data Centre Will Be Cutting Edge

Facebook have said ‘RDDC involves the use of pre-made modular sections that are assembled on-site, reducing the duration and local impact of building work.  Just as the great Swedish company IKEA revolutionized how furniture is designed and built, we hope that Luleå 2 will become a model for the next generation of data centres’

The in-house strategic engineering and development team of the data centre have sought the assistance of lean construction experts to collaborate with them on the building project.

Marco Magarelli, Engineering Manager, has confirmed that one of the construction aspects that are being used in the actual building of the centre is the flat-pack method.  The purpose behind this new RDDC concept is to utilise pre-made modular sections, which can be assembled on site. This is more economical as it reduces the duration and the impact the construction project has on the local area.

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SOURCE: http://www.slashgear.com/facebook-to-build-innovative-data-center-concept-in-lulea-sweden-08320027/