We all eat a lot of food every year, and as a result, there’s a whole lot of food waste that we just throw out. Some people throw their food waste in a compost pile, but unfortunately, not everyone lives in such an area where they’re able to have their own compost pile in the backyard or garden. You could theoretically start some kind of a compost pile in your house or apartment, but it probably won’t smell the best after too long.

If you are interested in composting and don’t have your own yard or garden to start a pile, there’s a new product on Indiegogo that might catch your interest. It’s called the Food Cycler, and it brings the compost pile from the back yard to the kitchen counter. Upon your first reaction, that might not sound like such a good idea since we just talked about how bad rotting food can smell, and no one wants to be on the verge of gagging while they’re trying to cook dinner. Thankfully, the Food Cycler promises to let your food decompose without assaulting your nostrils.

Food Cycler Lets You Compost Right In Your Kitchen

No, That’s Not A Bread Machine

The Food Cycler indeed seems to be unique in its field. You can put pretty much whatever food you want in it (rines included), and it will turn it into compost for you. You can in turn use the compost you created in your kitchen as a soil accelerant. Here’s the hard to believe part: you don’t even have to put any water or anything else in it. All you have to do is plug it in, put your food inside it, push a button, and shut the lid; it does everything else using a process of heat and agitation. And, it is made to mask bad smells.

All in all, it sounds like the Food Cycler could be a life-saver for those who want to have a compost pile but lack the space. It’s currently in its crowdfunding phase, and you can learn more about it here.

[Image via Indiegogo]

SOURCE: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/compost-countertop-foodcycle/#!yKsHP