We are nearing the point when human contact will be obsolete. Soon, everything will be digital, including ordering in restaurants. Who needs waiters or waitresses when we can soon use a touch screen table and order our food via digital waiters.  The idea is a touch screen table that will enable you to order your pizza using the touch of your fingers.

Chaotic Moon Studios has been in partnership with Pizza Hut and there are rumours that the concept could make it to market. A company that prides themselves on having “the world’s best software with the world’s biggest brands,” Chaotic Moon Studios has really created something interesting.  The way it works is a touch-screen table may be utilised in order to choose every last detail of your pizza, even the way your toppings are distributed.  Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, customers could even pay for their dinner using their smartphone or bank card. Who needs human interaction?

Pizza Hut Interactive Ordering

But nothing is new! Microsoft created the PixelSense (formally called Microsoft Surface) in 2008, where an interactive surface allowed one or more people to use touch and real objects as well as share digital content. It consisted of software and hardware products that combined visual multitouch PC hardware, 360-degree multiuser application design, and Windows software to create a user interface.  This will, however, be the first time a concept like this could be used by a major retail company!

Will it make it to market? It is still unclear as to whether Pizza Hut will have the technology in their restaurants soon. It would require a huge amount of spending money on their behalf. The tables would also need to be quite sturdy in order to survive all the abuse they will likely take. That being said, how cool would it be ordering your pizza toppings in any way you choose?

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SOURCE: http://www.t3.com/news/pizza-hut-shows-off-digital-ordering-table