It doesn’t matter where you go anymore – it always seems like you see people who are texting while they are walking. You can usually easily spot these people as they are paying no attention whatsoever to where they are going or the people around them. Oh, and their eyes are also glued to the phone in front of their face if the other behaviors weren’t already noticeable enough.

Texting and walking is reaching an almost epidemic level, and the folks at Apple want to do something to help the problem. They’ve even filed an application for a patent. Please don’t misunderstand me – they don’t want to help cure the ailment, they just want to make it a whole lot easier to deal with. Their solution to the problem: transparent texting. It’s no joke – Apple believes that see-through texting will stop people from running into other people or inanimate objects while they’re trying to hit just the right letter in the middle of a stride. Of course there’s a little bit more to it than that…

Apple Seeks Patent For Texting & Walking Feature

Apple’s “Transparent Texting” feature would allow you to continue to text and walk while simultaneously showing you video from what’s happening in front of you thanks to your rear-facing camera. While that sounds like a neat trick, I think some people would still get just as distracted from watching the video feed and would still manage to run into people and/or things.

It also sounds like it might be a bad idea for those who struggle with motion sickness as it seems like it would be able to bring on the dizziness pretty quickly.

What do you think? Is this an idea you could see (no pun intended) working in the future? Or do you think people just need to exercise some common sense while they’re walking anywhere?

[Image via digitaltrends]