Feeling peckish?  Have a cupcake from your local ATM machine!  Yes, you heard right!  New York City, the city of lights, the big ‘apple’, has now got its very own, first ever, Cupcake ATM!  Open 24 hours a day, it will help the citizens of New York feed those big appetites!

The Cupcake ATM is the creation of Sprinkles Cupcakes, a big name dealer in delicious sugar rushes that has brought cupcakes to celebrities like Mindy Kaling and Holly Madison…Now you too, can join the ranks of celeb cupcake eaters and get street cakes from the ATM.

Cupcake ATM

Ever subtle, the bright pink ATM with ‘Cupcake ATM’ plastered across it will help onlookers find their way!  There is no way it will be mistaken for a real ATM.

Surprisingly, this is the first cupcake ATM ever!  However, Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery may have had a stroke of genius!  Located on the Upper East Side, the ATM will be located next to the bakery.  Cupcakes will always be fresh and now they will always be available, especially for those late night snack attacks!  Each cupcake will cost $4.25 each and will come in a variety of flavours: red velvet, Cuban coffee, cinnamon sugar and banana dark chocolate.

In addition, there will be mini cupcakes aimed at the growing market of dog owners.  Each ‘puppy cake’ has been designed for canine companions.  Costing $5 for two, it sounds like a fun and potentially moneymaking idea!

One has to wonder if this will catch on?  If it does, perhaps it will open up a whole new market for new and innovative products to be sold via an ATM (I’m thinking, Haggis ATM). If you plan on travelling to NYC anytime soon, have a cupcake and leave a comment!

[Image via fettlevegan]

SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/03/first-cupcake-atm-opens-up-in-new-york-city/