The amount of different types of road bikes currently in use globally is astonishing.  The motorcycle industry is huge, with millions of riders and their machines always on the road.  I myself, before I had a family, used to dabble in the use of 2 wheels instead of 4.  With all those pristine machines out there- what are people doing about safety for bikers? 

D-Air Wireless Airbag Biker Safety


The governments in various lands are trying to install legislation to say that all bikers must wear day glow florescent material at all times whilst riding.  I personally don’t think that it will either, A) help or B) go down too well at the local bike meet!  But all is not lost, those very clever men and women over at Ducati and Dainese have created a biker wireless airbag jacket that will protect riders from the road in the unfortunate event of a crash.

The concept of D-Air jackets that inflate when a rider comes off a motorbike is not a new one.  These ones however, which are wirelessly controlled by the bike, are based on a new and emerging technology.

The latest airbag jacket, is from motorbike manufacturer Ducati and assisted by riding gear specialist Dainese, is intelligently controlled by the bike. The concept is this; When a rider is involved in a crash or falls from the bike, the bike will detect this and wirelessly inflate the airbag in the jacket protecting the rider’s neck and entire torso. Then current system requires a cord to be pulled which is just not practical, as the speed of a collision is usually high and reaction times are just not fast enough.  The D-Air airbag jacket will inflate in 45-milliseconds after being informed by the bike. The bike controls both the rider and pillion airbags to offer protection in ‘most’ collision environments.

The special D-Air edition will operate with the Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycle. Happy news for Ducati fans in Europe as it is going to be European only at launch. Further details on the project are due to be revealed by Ducati on 15 April and are expected to release it in May.

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[Image via meteoweb]