Technology is now achieving modern medical miracles!  Things that would have never seemed likely are now made possible through major advances in medical technology. Paralysis has plagued many people throughout the world.  However, new technology called the Restore Advanced Stimulator, has allowed victims of paralysis to make small movements.

For over two years, four men were completely paralysed from the chest down; they can now voluntarily move their legs and feet because of the Restore Advanced Stimulator. Doctors informed them that they would never walk or even move their legs again; however, through this amazing electrical device implanted in their spines, they can now make small movements.  Nothing short of a miracle!  Although they are still far away from walking, it is an amazing achievement for these men, who thought they would never have feeling in their legs again, to move with intent.

Electrical Implant

It is hoped that this breakthrough is the gateway to other major advancements in medical development.  Right now, there are as many as 6 million paralysed Americans; 1.3 million of those paralysed people suffer from spinal cord injuries.  This technology is a way for them to not only gain feeling in their limbs, but it offers hope for the future.

Doctors are using The Restore Advanced stimulator, which is implanted into the spine.  Manufactured by Medtronic, they state, “Implanting the spinal cord neurostimulation system requires a short surgery, typically done on as an outpatient procedure. The neurostimulator is inserted under the skin through a small incision in the upper buttock. The long-term lead is implanted in the epidural space of the spinal cord.”  The device is mainly used for the control of pain but it is having wonderful results.

There are hopes that this will soon be an affordable option for patients who are paralysed.

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[Image via news.nationalpost]