It’s no surprise to anyone anymore that people will do just about anything to get a few minutes of attention. Usually, the stunts are meaningless and don’t hurt anyone. And then sometimes, someone does something that makes no sense whatsoever and makes you wonder if there are more than a few bolts loose upstairs. Matters are made even worse when the person decides to involve innocent children in the mix.

Chayson Basinio, a 2-year-old boy in France, was recently reported missing by his great aunt. She told police she hadn’t seen him in close to a week and that he might’ve been kidnapped in the parking lot of a grocery store. Naturally, the police took this claim very seriously and began a frantic search for the boy. When no evidence whatsoever turned up for him, they started to get a little suspicious of the “aunt’s” story. They discovered that the supposed aunt and two minor children created a fake Facebook page for Chayson’s father, and that Chayson, as well as his father, only existed on the internet.

Kidnapped French Boy Was Only A Facebook Creation

I have no idea what the woman’s motives for trying to pull off this hoax were. She has since been arrested for this “prank” and her true motives may soon come to light. While I’ve heard of some crazy hoaxes before, I can’t recall ever hearing something so perverse as this. When real children are actually missing all over the world, it takes someone special to send police on a manhunt for a Facebook creation.

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[Image via Digital Trends]