I don’t know about you, but the Microsoft Surface is usually NOT associated with adjectives such as sexy, delicious, and hip. Many people who prefer to use Microsoft tablets (as opposed to other brands) highlight their use for business and productivity purposes. For fun, though, the Surface is not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

But, Microsoft is about to change that perception. In a recent entry in the Surface Blog, the team highlights a bakery owner who uses the Surface 2, adding a delicious factor to the tablet.

The new “ad” features Lauren Brill, the founder of Sweet Loren’s, a popular bakery in New York City. Think of the words yummy, artisanal, and natural – all the things that (many) people are looking for these days.

Microsoft Shows Off Delicious Side Of The Surface 2

So, the Surface Team looked to the “baked goods visionary” to show off what the Surface 2 can do – both in terms of practical use and deliciousness.

What exactly does a bakery owner and the Surface 2 have in common?

“…with programs like Excel, PowerPoint and Skype, Lauren is able to record cookie recipes, create presentations and keep in touch with her family. Lauren is also using Surface 2’s camera to capture pictures of the different versions of her cookie creations. When Lauren isn’t baking or creating a new recipe she enjoys yoga. Lauren, who is a lifelong yoga practitioner, uses Surface 2 to practice yoga, this allows her to continue working toward a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.”

Here’s the video. You tell me if it does show off the delicious side of the Surface 2.

Personally, I think that IF I were someone like Lauren, I would be able to do the same things with another tablet (no, I won’t say the iPad), but then again, each to his own, yeah? So, what’s your verdict? Does this video make you see how delicious the Surface 2 can be?

[Image via weeknightbite]