Thankfully, I’ve never had my smartphone stolen before. I know people who have, though, and I can attest it is a gigantic pain to have to deal with. Not only are important phone numbers stored on the device, but there’s also all kinds of personal information, music, photos, videos, and who knows what else. As time goes on, it seems Americans especially are becoming more and more attached to their smartphones. In fact, it seems the majority of Americans would be willing to risk their lives to get a stolen phone back in their possession.

I’m not just saying that – Lookout, which is a phone security company, recently published a survey in which they found that sixty-eight percent of Americans surveyed reported that they’d put themselves in harm’s way to retrieve their stolen device. Wow. I for one wouldn’t have thought the number would be that high. What would you do if your phone was stolen?

2/3 of Americans Would Risk Lives To Get Stolen Phones Back

They’d do more than just risk their lives, too. The survey also reported they’d be willing to spend a large sum of money to get it back as well, with some people being willing to pay between $500 and $1,000. I don’t think I’d be willing to shell out a bunch of money – would you?

Obviously, some people keep very sensitive information on their smartphone, but I have to wonder if the majority of people do. Is a stolen smartphone worth risking your life, or have we as a culture grown way too hooked on our gadgets? Personally, I think there’s a lot of other things I’d risk my life for before I’d get killed over my smartphone.

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