Sorry, folks. In spite of the not-so-subtle hint about the “small” event that Microsoft is going to hold today, May 20, it seems that the Surface Mini is not going to materialize. Rumors about the Surface Mini have been going around, and the logic behind all the speculation is rather sound. There is a space Microsoft to enter that tablet size, but based on “multiple sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans“, the Surface Mini will be a no show.

Then what’s the “small” all about in the announcement for the event? God – or Microsoft – only knows!

The multiple sources cited by Computerworld did not say outright that there will never be a Surface Mini, though. It’s just that it won’t be unveiled at today’s event.

Instead, we are supposed to be seeing a larger Surface Pro – all 12 inches of it. A smaller form factor may be my personal preference, a preference that may very well be shared by a good number of individual consumers out there, but Microsoft seems to be steering away from the private/individual audience and probably focusing more on the enterprise niche.

Don't Hold Your Breathe For A Surface Mini Announcement Today

Taking that into consideration, the non-unveiling of a Surface Mini today makes more sense. Microsoft is touting the Surface Pro as a device that puts together two main functions in one: either as a tablet or something like a netbook, whatever the current need is.

So yes, if Microsoft is channeling its efforts at its enterprise audience, then a larger Surface Pro will probably give the company a better chance at being competitive. Not only does the 12-inch size make for a better work-related device, but the tablet also runs Windows applications that many companies already use, meaning that it does offer the possibility of serving as a tablet and notebook; thus removing the additional cost of buying two separate devices.

Were you hoping for the Surface Mini? What do you think of the larger Surface Pro?

[Image via wpcrunch]