I remember getting my first camera as a kid. It was a big bulky basic Ricoh camera that needed a traditional film roll to be inserted before you could take any pictures. Of course at the time I thought it was wonderful, despite the fact that half the time most of my pictures either came out blurry or not at all. When we finally got a digital camera I remember thinking it was the best thing ever, being able to see what you had captured straight away. For mum too this was a revelation because it meant she could just delete all the ones she didn’t like of herself straight away!


Yet if we fast forward in time, we see that camera phones have once again brought in a whole new approach to not just taking photos and videos but also sharing them. The quality of camera has vastly improved too and now, when a mobile company releases a new flagship handset, one of the big features is the camera. The infographic below has some interesting facts and figures on how and why people are turning to smartphones to capture their lives – I was left wondering whether the time will come when the smartphone camera will be so good, that no one will use the traditional digital camera anymore and whether they will become as redundant as my first big bulky basic Ricoh. What do you think?

SMartphone camera infographic