How do you do with heights? Are you terrified of them? Do they not bother you at all? Do you find yourself somewhere in the middle? While I’m not terrified of heights, I certainly don’t like the climb to reach the height. Once I reach the top, though, I enjoy the view from above.

Speaking of heights, how do you feel about visiting the top floor of skyscrapers? I can remember visiting the Sears Tower in Chicago as a 13 year-old child, and I was enamored by the view. I think my dad even shelled out some change so I could use those telescopes that adorned the top floor. One thing was clear, though – standing on the top floor was thrill enough. I didn’t need anything else to get my adrenaline pumping. Some people do, though, because special tilting windows have been added to the observatory/balcony of the John Hancock Center (also in Chicago). In case you’re curious, the Hancock Center reaches 1,128 feet up in the air and contains 100 stories.

Hancock Center Lets You Hang 1,000 Feet Over Chicago


Now that you’ve got a clear image of the Hancock Center and its massive height, take a look at the new upgrade their windows recently received, and ask yourself, “Would I be willing to try this?”


Here’s how it works – you stand on a little platform, grab the handles, and the windows automatically tilt you down over the city below. Oh, I’m sure it’s perfectly safe, but that doesn’t mean I would be brave enough to try it. Would you? Something about hanging over a city 1,000 feet below just doesn’t sound all that appealing to me, but to each their own!

Hancock Center Lets You Hang 1,000 Feet Over Chicago

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[Images via mytravelphotos & evrystry]