Cat lovers (you know who you are), here’s a nifty little gadget that’s sure to make your time away from your cat(s) all that much more entertaining and meaningful. We all know that some people worry about their pets as if they were children (and maybe they are the equivalent for some), and leaving them at home all by their lonesome can be a bit stressful. Besides, you never know what kind of trouble your cat could get into while you’re hard at work. Well, the days of worrying could be soon over thanks to the Kittyo.

The Kittyo looks more like a blender than an advanced device for your cat, but that’s all part of its appeal. Here’s where things get good: The Kittyo, when paired with a smartphone app, allows you to watch, feed treats, and play with your cat no matter where you are. Perhaps best of all is the red laster pointer included in the Kittyo. Who wouldn’t want to get through the boredom of the work day while encouraging your cat to chase a laser it’s never going to catch? Users can even speak to their cat through the Kittyo. (Though people around you at work might think that’s a little strange)…

Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat When You're Away

The Kittyo works with both Android and iOS devices, and is sure to please any number of cat lovers out there. It just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign where it shattered its goal. You can now preorder a Kittyo for $149.

While I’m all for this type of device, I do have to ask: what happens when the cat’s not in the same room as the Kittyo? That might cause their owners to freak out even more, wondering where in the world their cat might’ve disappeared to.

Kittyo Kickstarter Video from Kittyo on Vimeo.

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[Image via ABC News]